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Deutschsprachiges “Hitalbum” Es gibt in in Deutschland nur noch sehr wenige neue Bands, die solche Musik spielen oder bandlastig oldschool Songrwriting Rock/Popalben produzieren. Hier also mal ein Beispiel, was möglich wäre, aber natürlich niemals die Playlists der Sender erreichen wird. Viel Spaß!

New Album: A little „wall of sound“ lifetime musical statement in my native language. Going back to my early songwriting days and recalling decades of creativity I composed, played, sang, produced…everything on this Album. My reward is not money or acceptance - it is just a facet of what made me burn for music and so fulfilling to just listen to my own ideas and expression even after so many years. Being blessed to make an outstanding colorful living out of music in so many fields I dedicate this songs to the inner voice that inspired me, always listened and led me through this peaceful life around the globe. Music and love are the greatest miracles that happened to me and came effortless without struggling for money or masses.


1 alles Geld auf dieser Welt - all the money in the world (ain’t worth nothing)

2 im Sommer - in the summer (everybody loves the beach)

3 alte Zeiten - good old times (remembering the seventies)

4 alles Simulation - all is simulation (philosophy about what is real and what not)

5 lass mich nicht allein - don´t leave me alone (message to the one I/you love)


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